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New York City Raid Data Reconstruction Recovery

Raid Data Recovery New York City



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US-DataRecovery-New-York-City.com provides New York City Sata Sas Raid Data Recovery, Raid Hard Drive Data Recovery, Raid Array Data reconstruction, Raid Server Data Recovery, Network Attached Storage NAS Sata Sas Raid Data Recovery, Raid Data Reconstruction and NAS  Raid Hard Drive Data Recovery. Our technicians have a combined 57 years experience in raid hard drive data recovery, raid data reconstruction, raid array data reconstruction, raid configurations, raid controllers, Raid server installation and maintenance.


Raid Hard Drive configuration RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is the combining of two or more hard drive working in unison to gain greater levels of performance, redundant reliability, and or to create a larger hard drive volume sizes.   In the past this type of configuration was generally used only by large companies.  Today, many small business and home users are finding an ever increasing need for servers and mass external storage devices to store there ever expanding data needs.  When multiple raid configured hard drive arrays fail, special software and hardware is needed to successfully recover your data.

When multiple raid configured hard drive arrays fail, special software, hardware and knowledge is required to successfully reconstruct your data. We understand the importance of your electronic data and the need to keep your business network operational.  US-Data Recovery maintains two Facilities. The first is located in the Tampa Bay Metro area and the second in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.  Although the majority of our Raid hard drive Data Recovery services are handled at one of our two facilities, via use of overnight Fed-x, UPS, Purolator or DHL, our technicians are available for on site New York City Sata Sas Raid Data Recovery for special need cases.

Most Sata Sas Raid Data Recovery and Raid Reconstruction cases are completed in 24 to 36 hours of receipt of the drives. 


Free Inspection and Examination

No Recovery – No Fee

Flat Rate Pricing

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DATA RECOVERY Process starts immediately upon receipt of your drive

Most data recovery cases are completed in 24-36 hours of receipt of the drives. This includes Raid Array data recovery cases.

Sata Sas Raid Data Recovery Process starts immediately upon receipt of you drive                         

We provide Raid hard drive data recovery for all hard drives using the following raid controllers:


3ware Controllers, HP Controllers, IBM Controllers, Adaptec Controllers, NVIDIA controllers, Promise Technology controllers, Acer Controllers, Highpoint controllers, LSI Controllers, Intel Raid Controllers, Sans Controllers, Perc 4, Perc 5, Perc 6, Pec 2, Perc 3 Controllers and any other make raid controller. Perc 4, Perc 5, Perc 6, Pec 2, Perc 3 Controllers and any other make raid controller.

Advanced Raid Server Data recovery for any Enterprise servers including the following model: Macintosh X Server, HP ProLiant, HP Integrity Superdome, HP AlphaServer DS25, HP AlphaServer DS15A, Sun Netra, Sun SPARC Enterprise, IBM x86 enterprise servers, Dell™ PowerEdge™ T110, Xenos Enterprise Server, Raid Inc Xanadu™, Silicon Mechanics Storform nServ, Silicon Mechanics Rackform iServ, Intel® Storage Server


We Provide advanced SAS data recovery for all makes and models of enterprise SAS  drives including:   Seagate Hard Drives, Samsung SAS Hard Drives, Hitachi SAS hard drives, Toshiba SAS hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu hard drives, Sun SAS, IBM SAS, Seagate SAS, Hitachi SAS, Fujitsu SAS, HP SAS, Dell SAS, Lenovo SAS and LSI SAS   configured in Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 1 – 0, Raid 10, Raid 3, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 6, ZFS Raid, Raid 5e, Raid 5ee, raid 15, Raid 6E, Raid 1.5, Raid 7, Raid-DP, Raid S, Matrix Raid, Raid-K, Raid-Z, Raidn, Linux MD 10, IBM ServeRaid 1E, unRaid, Drobo BeyondRaid, Nested Array, Hybrid Array, Raid Data Reconstruction Recovery from hard drives configured in Standard Raid Levels Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 2, Raid 3, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 6. Modified Standard Raid Levels - Nested Raid Levels Raid 0 + 1 (raid 01), Raid 1 + 0 (raid 10), Raid 3 + 0 (raid 30 or raid 53), Raid 0 +3 (raid 03), Raid 1 +0 + 0 (raid100), Raid 5+ 0 (raid 50), Raid 5 + 1 (raid 51), Raid 0 + 5 (raid 05), raid 6 + 0 (raid 60).  Non Standard Raid Levels. Double Parity, Raid 5e, Raid 5ee, Raid 6e, Raid-DP, Raid1.5, Parity Raid, Matrix Raid, Raid K, Raid S, Raid Z, Beyond Raid, unRaid, Linux MD 10, IBM ServeRaid 1E, ineo Complex Raid, Raidn, Non Raid Drive Architectures: SLED, JBOD, MAID, SPAN, BIG   


Enterprise Raid Server Sas Hard drives ( Serial Attached SCSI) are enterprise hard drives generally used in Servers and Nas Devices in conjunction with raid controllers.  A select few motherboards now have allow SAS drives to connect directly to the motherboard.  The drives spin at 10,000 and 15,000 rpms allowing for faster read and write cycles.  As with their SCSI predecessors, successful data recovery of SAS drives require advanced data recovery hardware and software.   We use  the latest advance hardware and software for all of are data recovery cases.          New York City Raid Server Data Recovery :  We provide Raid Server Data Recovery for all Server makes and models.  I addition to Raid Array data recovery for Raid Servers, we also provide Sata Sas Raid Data Recovery for all makes and models of NAS Raid appliances, SAN Servers and External and Internal Raid Arrays.  Generally most raid array recoveries are completed within 24 hours of receipt of the drives. As with our individual hard drive data recovery, we follow a prescribe methodology for raid array recoveries from Raid Servers, San Servers, NAS Devices, Internal and external raid arrays. Each Drive is examined to determine any problem with that drive. If a logical or hardware issue is discovered it is corrected so as to make the drive mountable. Each mountable drive is than Forensically imaged to one of our Enterprise SATA drives. Our Advanced Forensic Imaging devices have two advantages over other imaging software and hardware.  Our Imagers have the fastest data transfer rates available.  Our Forensic hardware and software has the ability of reading multiple bad sectors and recovering those sectors to the recovery drive.  This leads to a greater data recovery success rate when dealing with bad sector issues.The Imaged drives are than mounted on one of our Raid Recovery workstations, where our engineers will determine the parameters of the raid array, reconstruct and de-strip the array, which is then copied to another drive. Although we do not promote the use of large volume raid arrays, we will recovery any raid array, no matter the size the drives nor the number of drives used in the array. If you are contemplating constructing a large volume array call and talk to one of our engineers to learn the inherent problems and failure rates of large volume raid arrays.Our goal is the complete recovery your data without causing more loss or corruption to the failed drives. We therefore DO NOT  perform data recovery over the Internet nor over a Network.  We WILL NOT perform data recovery from a source drive, active Server, Workstation or NAS Device.  All of these methods present a high risk of data loss or data corruption. For more information concering recovery from Raid Servers, SAN Servers, NAS Devices, Internal raid arrays or external raid arrays call and speak to one of our raid recovery engineers.


 We Provide advanced SCSI data recovery for all makes and models of enterprise SCSI  drives including:   Seagate SCSI Hard Drives, Samsung SCSI Hard Drives, Hitachi SCSI hard drives, Toshiba SCSI hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu SCSI hard drives, Sun SCSI, IBM SCSI, Seagate SCSI, Hitachi SCSI, Fujitsu SCSI, HP SAS, Dell SCSI,  We Provide advanced SATA / IDE data recovery for all makes and models of SATA / IDE  drives including:   Seagate /  Maxtor SATA / IDE Hard Drives, Samsung SATA / IDE Hard Drives, Hitachi SATA / IDE hard drives, Toshiba SATA / IDE hard drives, IBM SATA / IDE hard drives, Fujitsu SATA / IDE hard drives, Western Digital SATA / IDE, Samsung SATA / IDE


 We Provide advanced SAS data recovery for all makes and models of enterprise SAS drives including:  Seagate Hard Drives, Samsung SAS Hard Drives, Hitachi SAS hard drives, Toshiba SAS hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu hard drives, Sun SAS, IBM SAS, Seagate SAS, Hitachi SAS, Fujitsu SAS, HP SAS, Dell SAS, Lenovo SAS and LSI SAS




We Also provide Advanced Enterprise NL-SAS ( Nearline SAS) data recovery for all makes and models of NearLine SAS Hard drives including Seagate Constellation NL-SAS, Hitachi NL-SAS, Fujitsu NL SAS, Dell NL-SAS, HP NL SAS and more.  NL-SAS Drives are Enterprise SATA drives using a SAS controller and generally run at 7200 RPM.  We provide SATA SAS data recovery for all NL-SAS Drives weather used in A SAN server, Enterprise Server, NAS server, External Storage device or internal SAS Connection.  SATA SAS Data Recovery configured in SATA SAS Raid 1, SATA SAS Raid 0, SATA SAS Raid 5, SATA SAS Raid 6, SATA SAS Hybrid Raids, SATA SAS Raid 10 , SATA SAS Raid 01, SATA SAS Raid 05, SATA SAS Raid 50, SATA SAS Raid 60,  Data on all raid arrays other that raid 1 are striped across the drives in the array,  Once each drive has been forensically imaged, the raid array is reconstructed from the imaged drives.  De-striping data recovery is the preformed on the array and the data is then reconstructed into single file format.  The data files then can be copied to a single drive. Whether a raid 5 data recovery, raid 6 recovery, raid 50 recovery or raid 10 data recovery, New York City de-striping data recovery is conducted on each array.


We provide Forensic Data Recovery and Forensic data imaging of all make and models of hard drives, raid arrays, flash drives, micro hard drives.  Forensic imaging , byte by byte imaging of each sector allows for the most complete recovery of all data, including previously delete and fragmented remnants. We use the most advance Forensic hardware and software for hard drive imaging and  Forensic data recovery. All hard drives are Forensically imaged for any data recovery services. Our Forensic Imaging hardware has a unique ability to recover bad sectors. Few imaging devices or software can deal with massive sector failures. Our hardware is adjustable for multiple attempts to read bad sectors resulting in a very high success rate of recovering data from those sectors. We have successfully recovered many hard drives with over 800,000 plus bad sectors. We provide Forensic Data Recovery and Forensic data imaging of all make and models of hard drives, raid arrays, flash drives, micro hard drives. Forensic imaging , byte by byte imaging of each sector allows for the most complete recovery of all data, including previously delete and fragmented remnants. We use the most advance Forensic hardware and software for hard drive imaging and Forensic data recovery.


In Addition to NAS data recovery we also provide SAN data recovery.  SAN. Storage Area Network, are high speed Enterprise data storage devices generally connected to a network via Fiber Optics.  The San devices are generally used for storage of large amounts of data and high speed data transfer.  SAN Devices are usually configured in 1 or more Raid Arrays using enterprise SATA, SAS or SCSI Drives.  We provide Sata Sas Raid Data Recovery for all SAN Raid 1, SAN Raid 0, SAN Raid 5, SAN Raid 6, Hybrid SAN arrays and any other SAN Raid array configuration. We provide San Data Recovery for all makes and models of SATA Drives, SAS Drives and SCSI Drives. We provide SAN Data Recovery for Qnap, Sans Digital, Drobo SAN, Open E, ISCSI SAN, DS Dapron, Raid, Inc, Spectron and all other makes of SAN Servers.   We provide San Data Recovery for all makes and models of SATA Drives, SAS Drives and SCSI Drives. We maintain a Class 100 Clean Room data recovery environment for platter exchange required for failed or seized drive motors.  Head exchange data recovery for failed hard drive reading heads is also preformed in a Class 100 clean room data recovery environment. Head Platter stuckation data recovery is also preformed in a Class 100 clean room station.   


We provide USB Flash Data Recovery, NAND chip data recovery, SSD Data Recovery, Flash Media Data Recovery, Thumb drive data recovery and SSD NAND Chip Data recovery. We provide circuit board data recovery , controller chip data recovery and NAND chip data recovery for failed flash drives.  Data Recovery from failed circuit board or controller chips of flash drives, SSD drives and flash media is highly probable. Data recovery of a failed NAND chip is not possible. Once a NAND CHIP has failed the data is lost forever.  We provide Data Recovery from RAM (random access memory) chips in special cases. RAM Chip data recovery is possible as long as the power to the RAM chip has not been discontinued and the data has not been overwritten.  Once the power to the chip is stopped the data is dumped and Ram Chip data recovery is not possible. We provide data recovery for hard drives with failed PCB Circuit boards. Rom chip data recovery or flash Rom data recovery is one of the more common problems with failed PCB boards.  The Rom chip contains data specific to that hard drive and is needed to access the drive.  We use the most professional data recovery hardware and software specific to the hard drive manufacturer to ensure the most successful data recovery of the Rom Chip. We provide New York City jailbreak iPhone data recovery, android mobile phone data recovery, smart phone data recovery and cell phone data recovery. In addition to Downtown New York City jailbreak iphone data recovery we provide data recovery for iPods, PDAs, Kindles and all other Mobile media device.


Severe Weather Data Recovery: Severe weather occurrences can cause operating system corruption or partition failure for any hard drive or raid array. This generally occurs with the sudden loss of power which causes the computer, external hard drive, server, NAS or SAN servers to crash. This may render your data inaccessible. Ice storms, snow storms, lightning storms, high winds, earthquakes and heavy rains all can cause sudden power loss of power fluctuations which may lead to inaccessible data. Our data recovery engineers have a combined 57 years experience in recovering lost data occurring from severe weather events for our clients. We provide tropical data recovery for all electronic media storage devices that have been damage due to servere weather, fire, flood, tornado, hurricane and electrical power surges. The most common cause of data recovery loss during a tropical storm or severe weather event is power surges. If your drive fails to start after a power surge, do not continue to try to start the drive. Continued attempt to power up a damaged drive can led to more if not full data loss. The second most common drive problem to occur during a severe weather event is water damage, whether full submersion or moisture contamination. In either case the hard drive should not be powered on. Our tropical data recovery techniques are able to handle most any digital storage device which may have been compromised from water or moisture. Our tropical data recovery techniques are able to handle most any digital storage device which may have been compromised from water or moisture.


We provide Home user Data Recovery for all personal hard drives, external drives, raid arrays, Flash Drives and NAS Devices. We have a simple Flat Rate data recovery price based on the drive size. We have no other charges other than overnight return shipping if required by the client.  Our flat rate data recovery price is generally 50 to 60 % below our competitors. Weather your drive requires a Level 1 recovery, Level 2 Recovery or a Level 3 Recovery the price remains the same low rate always.  We provide Business SATA SAS Data Recovery for our small business Clients for all SATA, SAS, SCSI and IDE Drives as well as NAS appliances, SAN Servers, Raid Servers.  Our SATA SAS Business Data Recovery Pricing is the same low flat rate data recovery price as our Home SATA SAS Data Recovery Service.  We also Offer Enterprise SATS SAS data Recovery and Corporate Data Recovery for large Corporations, Law Firms, Universities, Military, Police Departments, Home Land Security and other Government entities. Our Corporate Data Recovery pricing is exactly the same low FLAT Rate price as with our Home Data Recovery, Enterprise Data Recovery and Business data recovery Services. We do offer discounts to individual active military, police and fire personnel. We provide Enterprise Data Recovery for all hard drives, external drives, raid arrays, Flash Drives , Raid Servers, SAN Servers and NAS Devices. We have a simple Flat Rate data recovery price based on the drive size as with our Home, Business and Corporate Data Recovery Services. We have no other recovery charges other than overnight return shipping if required by the client. Our flat rate data recovery price is generally 50 to 60 % below our competitors. Weather your drive requires a Level 1 recovery, Level 2 Recovery or a Level 3 Recovery the price remains the same low rate always. .


Our Data Recovery Services include data recovery of all makes and models of External Hard Drives. We provide External Hard Drive data recovery for Seagate External hard drives, Maxtor external drives, Western Digital external hard drives, Hitachi External drives, Fujitsu external drives, Samsung external hard drives and Toshiba External hard drives. All other external hard drive brands will contain on of the above listed drives, including LaCie external drives, Iomega external drive, Buffalo Technology external Drives, Fantom and AData external hard drives. Dell hard drives, HP hard drives and Macintosh hard drives will also be one of the major brand SATA SAS hard dives using their own label. The most common external hard drive data recovery issues come from corrupted firmware modules or motor spindle seizure. Corrupted firmware generally occurs when the external drive is dropped while running or unplugging the drive before a read and write operation is completed. Spindle seizure usually occurs when the external drive is knocked over or dropped. This type of data recovery will require a Platter exchange and a clean room recovery. Either recovery case will cost our same Flat rate price. We recommend , when using an external drive, that you lay all stand up external drive flat on your desk to reduce the chance of the external drive being knocked over.


We Provide NAS Raid Data Recovery for all makes and models of NAS Servers and SAN Servers. We provide raid data recovery for the following makes of NAS appliances : Thecus NAS, Iomega Nas, WD NAS, San Digital NAS, AccuNas, LaCie NAS, TeraStation Pro, Seagate BlackArmor NAS, Linksys Nas, Buffalo Technology,D-Link NAS, Qnap NAS,GMG NAS, HP Media, Buffalo NAS, LG Electronics, Kanguru NAS, Isilon NAS, MicroNet NAS, MPC Computers, MRT NAS,NEC,Netgear, NetApp NAS, Ocarina NAS, Open-E NAS, DroboPro, Drobo, DroboShare, D-Link DNS-343,Systamax,Synology, Supermicro,Promise Technology, Sans Digital, SGI NAS, Sonic Wall NAS,SMC NAS, Proware NAS, PLX Technology NAS, Plextor NAS, Pillar Data Systems NAS, Philips NAS, Panasas NAS, Overland Storage, Snap Expansion S50,Snap ServerŪ 210, Snap ServerŪ 410,Storango SSTE-1NAS00,Storango SSTE-2NAS10,Storage Central, ReadyNAS Duo, ReadyNAS NVX, ReadyNAS NV+, ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer, TEAC NAS, Tranquil NAS, Trendnet NAS, T-Com in addition to all other Raid NAS Servers. We also provide SAN Raid Data Recovery for all makes and models of SAN Servers Including: Qnap, Sans Digital, Drobo SAN, Open E, ISCSI SAN, DS Dapron, Raid, Inc, Spectron, BrightDrive, Drobo San, HP LeftHand SAN, IBM San, Snap SAN, D-Link, Fluke Network, EMC Cluster, NetWitness SNC, Thecus SAN Server, Silicon Mechanics SAN, Dell SAN Servers, Arecanas SAN, Sgi Infinite Storarge, THecus SAN, Iomega SAN Servers, Sans Digital SAN, LaCie SAN, D-Link Servers, Qnap SAN Servers, Micronet San, Netgear San Server, NetApp San Server, Open_E SAN, Super Micro SAN, SGI SAN, CineRaid SAN and all other makes of SAN Servers. We provide raid server data recovery for all Dell NAS, SAN and DAS Servers including: Dell Compellent, Dell EqualLogic, Dell NX 35XX, MD3 Family of Arrays, Dell EqualLogic PS Series and FS Series, PowerEdge Blade Servers, PowerEdge Tower Servers, PowerEdge Rackmount Servers, PowerVault NAS Servers, PowerVault. We provide raid server data recovery for all Silicon Mechanics NAS, SAN and DAS Servers including: Storform, Hyperform, Rackform Iserv, Rackform nServ, Storform iSCSI /NAS, Storform JBOD We provide raid server data recovery for all EMC NAS, SAN and DAS Servers including: Avamar, DD160,600,860, DD890/990, Isilon, VNXe, VMAX 40K, 20K, 10K, VNX 7500, VNX 5700, 5500, VNX 5300, VNX 5100.DS 88XX. ser243



All hard drives are Forensically imaged for any data recovery services. Our Forensic Imaging hardware has a unique ability to recover bad sectors. Few imaging devices or software can deal with massive sector failures. Our hardware is adjustable for multiple attempts to read bad sectors resulting in a very high success rate of recovering data from those sectors. We have successfully recovered many hard drives with over 800,000 plus bad sectors. We provide Forensic Data Recovery and Forensic data imaging of all make and models of hard drives, raid arrays, flash drives, micro hard drives. Forensic imaging , byte by byte imaging of each sector allows for the most complete recovery of all data, including previously delete and fragmented remnants. We use the most advance Forensic hardware and software for hard drive imaging and Forensic data recovery.


We provide secure data recovery services for all of our Corporate, Business and Home User Clients. Our clients data security is of utmost importance. Secure forensic imaging of our clients hard drives insures that the data on the original drive is never altered. All forensic images and recovered data is stored on individual hard drives in a locked and alarmed safe. Client data security for hard drive data recovery, raid data recovery and Nas data recovery is insured by this storage method. We do not store any client data or forensic images on servers. All stored data and images are securely erased from the hard drives 15 days after return of clients data. We also provide secure raid array data recovery for all Unix raids, Linux arrays, Macintosh raid arrays, Windows raids, Solaris raid arrays and any raid array using the following systems : Red Hat, Suse, Caldera, SCO, Debian, Mandrake, Sorcerer, Turbo Linux, Slackware, Gentoo, Windows Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000,, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2010, Windows Server 2012, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, Mac OS X v10.3 Panther, Mac OS X v10.2 Jaguar, Mac OS 9, Mac OS Mavericks and earlier MacIntosh and Apple operating systems, SCO Openserver (HTFS & EAFS), SCO Unixware (VxFS & UFS), Solaris Intel (UFS) ,Solaris Sparc (UFS),BSD (UFS1 & UFS2) .HP UNIX (JFS 3.0,3.1,3.3). , Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos, Arch Linux, Oracle, Zentyal , We also provide secure data recovery for any NAS server or SAN server utilizing a proprietary operating system. .

We Provide advanced SAS data recovery for all makes and models of enterprise SAS drives including: Seagate Hard Drives, Samsung SAS Hard Drives, Hitachi SAS hard drives, Toshiba SAS hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu hard drives, Sun SAS, IBM SAS, Seagate SAS, Hitachi SAS, Fujitsu SAS, HP SAS, Dell SAS, Lenovo SAS and LSI SAS . SAS hard drives ( Serial Attached SCSI ) replace the older SCSI drives. The advantages of the newer SAS drive over the SCSI drives are faster transfer rates and the ability to connect with more drives. SCSI drives have a limitation of communicating with more than 16 SCSI drives where the new SAS drives can communicate with more than 65,000 other SAS Drives. SAS drives are generaly used in Enterprise servers, SAN Servers and enterprise workstations. Recovering data from enterprise SAS drives require special equipment and software for a successful recovery. We use the latest SAS data recovery hardware and software , SAN Servers and enterprise workstations. Recovering data from enterprise SAS drives require special equipment and software for a successful recovery. We use the latest SAS data recovery hardware and software for all our SAS Recovery cases. For raid reconstruction of SAS raid array we use workstation with 4 ghz processors and 32 gigs of Ram memory for the fastes possible recovery of your company data.

We provide worldwide data recovery for Enterprise hard drives, Enterprise Servers, Enterprise San Servers and enterprise NAS storage devices. Our turnaround time on Raid Arrays from Servers, SAN raids and NAS raid arrays is generally 24 hours from time of receipt of the drives. All drives are forensically imaged and the array reconstruction and recovery will only be done from the imaged drives. Our Enterprise data recovery is provided for all makes and models of SAS drives, SATA Drives, SCSI drives, SSD drives and older IDE Drives. We provide United States Enterprise Data Recovery, Canada Enterprise Data Recovery, South America Enterprise Data Recovery and Caribbean Enterprise Data Recovery. We provide worldwide data recovery and data reconstruction of corporate raid arrays, corporate raid serves, corporate SAN servers and corporate and NAS data storage devices. We caution Corporate IT departments not to attempt to rebuild failing raid arrays or replace a failed drive in a raid array without having a complete backup of all data contained in the array. Attempting to rebuild a failing array or replacing a failed drive, using the original drives can result in partial or complete loss of the data.We also provide United States Corporate user raid Data Recovery, Canada Corporate user Data Recovery, South America Corporate user Data Recovery and Caribbean Corporate user raid Data Recovery for laptop top and workstation hard drives.

We provide Worldwide Data Reconstruction for all Raid levels. If you have a raid array fail in your SAN Server, Raid Server or NAS server do NOT attempt to rebuild the array unless you have a complete backup off all the data, separate from the Failing Raid array. Attempting to do so can corrupt data if not completely loose your data. Most Server and NAS arrays are built using drives that were from the same lot. When one drive fails there is now a high probability of other drives in the array will fail in short order.. If other drives in the array fail during the rebuilding of the array you will most likely loose your data. If you do not have a complete and current backup of your data from the array then the best choice is to power off the server and call one of our raid specialist. We have found that most of our Corporate Clients and Business Clients are relying on their raid array as to sole source of their data backup based on the redundancy of raids. This is a practice that will lead to disaster. During the past year we have found many Raid array recovery clients with a replace hard drive from a different manufacture or model number. This is another practice that will put the drives out of step which can cause slower read and write speeds and possible lost of the array.

Raid Arrays set up with large capacity hard drives have a greater chance of failure in a shorter amount of time than the old small capacity SCSI drives. The compression of the sectors can increase problems 10 fold for every TB gained. This will ultimately lead to data corruption and data loss requiring the need for data recovery if the array is not properly backed up. We have also found with many of our raid recovery clients, that they were using backup software but the software was not properly backing up the data. Data integrity needs to be checked frequently and consistently on all backups to avoid the need for Raid data recovery.


We provide data recovery for all external hard drive including Lacie external drive, Toshiba External Hard Drives, Seagate Free Agent External Hard Drives, Seagate GoFlex External Hard Drives, Seagate Expansion External Drive, Seagate Slim Mac, Maxtor One Touch External Hard Drives, Buffalo External Hard Drives, Fantom External Hard Drives, Western Digital My Book External Hard Drives, Hammer More Space External Hard Drives, Hitachi External Hard Drive, Iomega Prestige External Hard Drive, Lacie External Hard Drives, Macintosh External Hard Drives, Generic External Hard Drives, LaCie External Hard Drive, LaCie Sphere, Seagate Expansion, Seagate Backup Plus, Seagate Mac Slim, Western Digital Passport external drive, Western Digital Elements external hard drive, Lenovo ThinkPad external hard drive, Toshiba Canvio external hard drive, Apple TIme Capsule, Transcend External Drive, Silicon Power External hard drive, Buffalo MiniStation External Drive , LaCie Rugged external Drive, HGST Touro Mobile, ioSafe Solo, SAMSUNG D3 Station . Lacie Porsche, Apricorn Aegis, G-Technology external, Patriot Gauntlet, Transcend StorJet, Edge Diskgo, Sony External, BusLink external drive, LaCie BladeJet, HP external, Micronet external. Verbatiun Store and Save, ClickFree, Hitachi G- Drive, Memorex Slim Drive, Imation




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Our Data Recovery Services encompass all major electronic data storage media and configurations. Utilizing the most advanced data recovery hard ware and advanced data recovery software we provide the following data recovery services : Hard Drive Recovery - Raid Recovery - SAN Recovery - NAS Recovery - Server Recovery - Enterprise Recovery - Flash Drive Recovery - Flash Card Recovery - SATA SAS SSD Recovery - Macintosh Recovery - External Recovery - Tape Recovery - Worldwide Corporate Data Recovery - Worldwide Business Data Recovery - Worldwide Home user Data Recovery - Worldwide Enterprise Raid Data Recovery - Worldwide Data Recovery Service



Our Data Recovery services provide data recovery and data reconstruction for corrupted files and databases. We provide Email Database REPAIR, RECONSTRUCTION, RECOVERY for: Share point Server recovery and repair, Exchange Server recovery and repair, MySql recovery and repair, MSSQL recovery and repair, Outlook PST recovery and repair, Mailbox Exchange recovery and repair, Outlook Express recovery and repair, Deleted Email recovery and repair, Lotus Notes Recovery and repair, Etourage recovery and repair Lost or corruption of Microsoft Exchange database files can occur for many reasons. File corruption can occur from a server crash, hard drive failure, raid array failure, virus attack or other software component corruption. The best prevention of an exchange database loss is to have current redundant verified back ups of all the Exchange .MDB (Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb) and associated .STM files. If a corruption occurs do not attempt to repair these files with 3rd party software from the original source as this may further damage the files and result in permanent loss. Our engineers have a combined 37 years of experience with deployment and recovery of server based software applications. We follow a prescribed procedure of recovery and reconstruction from forensic images of your drive or array. Once your exchange files are recovered from our images our engineers then reconstruct the mail box structures. We understand the urgency of having you Exchange Server up and running. Without your email, contacts and calendars many companies would come to a complete halt. We always treat every Exchange Server as a priority and immediately begin the recovery process when your drives arrive. Our commitment is to reconstruct your Exchange files and have them back to you as soon as possible. We have no up charge for priority service. Most Exchange Server files are reconstructed within 12-36 hours upon receipt. We also provide Data base RECONSTRUCTION, REPAIR AND RECOVERY or ADOBE PDF repair and recovery, MS Word DOC, DOCX recovery and repair, MS Access recovery MDB, ACCDB and repair. MS Excel XLA, XLSX recovery and repair. MS Power Point PPT, PPTX, recovery and repair, Db2 Database recovery and repair, DBF recovery and repair, Oracle recovery and repair, BKF recovery and repair, QuickBooks QBB, QBX recovery and repair, Corel Word Perfect WP recovery and repair, ZIP file reconstruction

Hard drive data recovery services are provide for all makes and models of hard drives. We provide hard drive data recovery for non mountable hard drives, mechanically failed hard drives and hard drive reporting eminent failure. We provide raid data recovery and data reconstruction for all raid array configurations with single or multiple failed hard drives.



We specialize in data recovery and data reconstruction of raid arrays for all major raid servers and custom raid servers including : HP Integrity Server, IBM Servers, Macintosh Servers, Silicon Mechanics, Raid Inc, Servers, Xenos Servers, HP Proliant Servers, SUN Servers, Dell Poweredge Servers, Super Micro Servers, Lenovo Servers IStar Servers and more. Note: attempting to rebuild and Standard or Hybrid raid array without a separate and complete backup of all data can lead to loss of data. Reconstruction of any failed raid array is complex and requires professional imaging and data recovery hardware. Our raid reconstruction labs use the most up to date Professional Imaging devices and Data Recovery appliances available. We use the most advance prescribed methodology for all raid recoveries and reconstructions, which leads to the highest recovery results.



 US-DataRecovery-New-York-City.com also provides New York City Sata Sas Raid Data Recovery to the following locations:


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We also provide Raid Data Reconstruction and recovery services to the following New York  locations:

                  Accord   Acra   Adams   Adams Basin   Adams Center   Addison   Adirondack   Afton   Akron   Alabama   Albany   Albertson   Albion   Alcove   Alden   Alden Manor   Alder Creek   Alexander   Alexandria Bay   Alfred   Allegany   Allentown   Almond   Alpine   Alplaus   Altamont   Altmar   Alton   Altona   Amagansett   Amawalk   Amenia   Ames   Amherst   Amityville   Amsterdam   Ancram   Ancramdale   Andes   Andover   Angelica   Angola   Annandale   AnnandaleonHudson   Antwerp   Apalachin   Appleton   Apulia Station   Aquebogue   Arcade   Arden   Ardsley   Ardsley on Hudson   Argyle   Arkport   Arkville   Arlington   Armonk   Ashland   Ashville   Astoria   Athens   Athol   Athol Springs   Atlanta   Atlantic Beach   Attica   Au Sable Forks   Auburn   Auriesville   Aurora   Austerlitz   Ava   Averill Park   Avoca   Avon   Babylon   Bainbridge   Baiting Hollow  Bakers Mills   Baldwin   Baldwin Place   Baldwinsville   Ballston Lake   Ballston Spa   Bangall   Bangor   Bardonia   Barker   Barneveld   Barrytown   Barryville   Barton   Basom   Batavia   Bath   Bay Shore   Bayberry   Bayport   Bayside   Bayville   Beacon   Bear Mountain   Bearsville   Beaver Dams   Beaver Falls   Beaver River   Bedford   Bedford Hills   Belfast   Belle Harbor   Bellerose   Belleville   Bellmore   Bellona   Bellport   Bellvale   Belmont   Bemus Point   Bergen   Berkshire   Berlin   Berne   Bernhards Bay   Bethel   Bethlehem   Bethpage   Big Flats   Big Indian   Billings   Binghamton   Black Creek   Black Lake   Black River   Blasdell   Blauvelt   Bliss   Blodgett Mills   Bloomfield   Blooming Grove   Bloomingburg   Bloomingdale   Bloomington   Bloomville   Blossvale   Blue Mountain Lake   Blue Point   Bohemia   Boiceville   Bolivar   Bolton Landing   Bombay   Boonville   Boston   Bouckville   Bovina   Bowmansville   Bradford   Brainard   Brainardsville   Branchport   Brant   Brant Lake   Brantingham   Brasher Falls   Breesport   Breezy Point   Brentwood   Brewerton   Brewster   Briarcliff Manor   Bridgehampton   Bridgeport   Bridgewater   Brier Hill   Brighton   Brightwaters   Broadalbin   Brockport   Brocton   Bronx   Bronxville   Brookfield   Brookhaven   Brooklyn   Brooktondale   Brookville   Brownville   Brushton   Brutus   Buchanan   Buffalo   Bullville   Burdett   Burke   Burlingham   Burlington Flats   Burnt Hills   Burt   Buskirk   Byron   Cadyville   Cairo   Calcium   Caledonia   Callicoon   Callicoon Center   Calverton   Cambria Heights   Cambridge   Camden   Cameron   Cameron Mills   Camillus   Campbell   Campbell Hall   Canaan   Canajoharie   Canandaigua   Canaseraga   Canastota   Candor   Caneadea   Canisteo   Canton   Cape Vincent   Carle Place   Carlisle   Carmel   Caroga Lake   Caroline   Carthage   Cassadaga   Cassville   Castile   Castle Creek   Castle Point   Castleton On Hudson   Castorland   Cato   Catskill   Cattaraugus   Cayuga Heights   Cayuta   Cazenovia   Cedarhurst   Celoron   Center Moriches   Centereach   Centerport   Centerville   Central Bridge   Central Islip   Central Square   Central Valley   Ceres   Chadwicks   Chaffee   Champlain   Chappaqua   Charlotteville   Chase Mills   Chateaugay   Chatham   Chaumont   Chautauqua   Chazy   Cheektowaga   Chelsea   Chemung   Chenango Bridge   Chenango Forks   Cherry Creek   Cherry Grove   Cherry Plain   Cherry Valley   Chester   Chestertown   Chestnut Ridge   Chichester   Childwold   Chili   Chippewa Bay   Chittenango   Churchville   Churubusco   Cicero   Cincinnatus   Circleville   City Island   Clarence   Clarence Center   Clarendon   Clark Mills   Clarkson   Clarksville   Claryville   Claverack   Clay   Clayton   Clayville   Clemons   Cleveland   Cleverdale   Clifton Park   Clifton Springs   Climax   Clinton   Clinton Corners   Clintondale   Clockville   Clyde   Clymer   Cobleskill   Cochecton   Cochecton Center   Coeymans   Coeymans Hollow   Cohocton   Cohoes   Cold Brook   Cold Spring   Cold Spring Harbor   Colden   College Point   Colliersville   Collins   Colonie   Colton   Columbiaville   Commack   Comstock   Conesus   Conewango Valley   Congers   Conklin   Connelly   Constable   Constableville   Constantia   Coopers Plains   Cooperstown   Copake   Copake Falls   Copenhagen   Copiague   Coram   Corbettsville   Corfu   Corinth   Corning   Cornwall   CornwallonHudson   Cornwallville   Corona   Cortland   Cossayuna   Cottekill   Cowlesville   Coxsackie   Cragsmoor   Cranberry Lake   Craryville   Crittenden   Croghan   Crompond   Cropseyville   Cross River   Croton Falls   CrotononHudson   Crown Point   Crugers   Cuba   Cuddebackville   Cutchogue   Cuyler   Dale   Dalton   Danby   Dannemora   Dansville   Darien Center   Davenport   Davenport Center   Davis Park   Dayton   De Kalb Junction   De Lancey   De Peyster   De Ruyter   Deansboro   Deer Park   Deer River   Deferiet   Delanson   Delevan   Delhi   Delmar   Delphi Falls   Denmark   Denver   Depauville   Depew   Deposit   Derby   DeWitt   Dewittville   Dexter   Diamond Point   Dickinson Center   Dix Hills   Dobbs Ferry   Dolgeville   Douglaston   Dover Plains   Downsville   Dresden   Dryden   Duanesburg   Dundee   Dunkirk   Durham   Durhamville   Eagle Bay   Eagle Bridge   Earlton   Earlville   East Amherst   East Aurora   East Berne   East Bethany   East Branch   East Chatham   East Concord   East Durham   East Elmhurst   East Fishkill   East Greenbush   East Hampton   East Hills   East Homer   East Islip   East Jewett   East Manhattan   East Marion   East Meadow   East Meredith   East Moriches   East Nassau   East Northport   East Norwich   East Otto   East Palmyra   East Patchogue   East Pembroke   East Pharsalia   East Quogue   East Randolph   East Rochester   East Rockaway   East Schodack   East Setauket   East Springfield   East Syracuse   East White Plains   East Williamson   East Worcester   Eastchester   Eastport   Eaton   Eden   Edgewood   Edinburg   Edmeston   Edwards   Eggertsville   Elba   Elbridge   Eldred   Elizabethtown   Elizaville   Elka Park   Ellenburg   Ellenburg Center   Ellenburg Depot   Ellenville   Ellicott   Ellington   Ellisburg   Elma   Elmhurst   Elmira    Elmira Heights   Elmont   Elmsford   Endicott   Endwell   Erieville   Erin   Esopus   Esperance   Essex   Etna   Evans   Fabius   Fair Harbor   Fair Haven   Fairport   Falconer   Fallsburg   Fancher   Far Rockaway   Farmersville Station   Farmingdale   Farmington   Farmingville   Farnham   Fayette   Fayetteville   Felts Mills   Ferndale   Feura Bush   Fillmore   Findley Lake   Fine   Fineview   Fire Island Pines   Firms   Fishers   Fishers Island   Fisher's Landing   Fishkill   Fishs Eddy   Fleischmanns   Floral Park   Florida   Flushing   Fly Creek   Fonda   Forest Hills   Forestburgh   Forestport   Forestville   Fort Ann  Fort Covington   Fort Drum   Fort Edward   Fort Hunter   Fort Johnson   Fort Montgomery   Fort Plain   Fort Salonga   Fort Totten   Frankfort   Franklin   Franklin Springs   Franklin Square   Franklinville   Fredonia   Freedom   Freehold   Freeport   Freeville   Fremont Center   Fresh Meadows   Frewsburg   Friendship   Frontenac  Fulton   Fultonham   Fultonville   Gabriels   Gainesville   Gallupville   Galway   Gansevoort   Garden City   Gardiner   Garnerville   Garrattsville   Garrison   Gasport   Gates   Geneseo   Geneva   Genoa   Georgetown   Germantown   Gerry   Getzville   Ghent   Gilbertsville   Gilboa   Glasco   Glen Aubrey   Glen Cove   Glen Head   Glen Oaks   Glen Spey   Glen Wild   Glendale   Glenfield   Glenford   Glenham   Glenmont   Glens Falls   Glenville   Glenwood   Glenwood Landing   Gloversville   Godeffroy   Goldens Bridge   Gorham   Goshen   Gouverneur   Gowanda   Grafton   Grahamsville   Grand Gorge   Grand Island   Granite Springs   Granville   Great Bend   Great Neck   Great River   Great Valley   Greece   Green Island   Greenburgh   Greene   Greenfield Center  Greenfield Park   Greenhurst   Greenlawn   Greenport   Greenvale   Greenville   Greenwich   Greenwood   Greenwood Lake   Greig   Grenell   Groton   Groveland   Guilderland   Guilderland Center   Guilford   Hadley   Hagaman   Hague   Hailesboro   Haines Falls   Halcottsville   Halesite   Hall   Hamburg   Hamden   Hamilton   Hamlin   Hammond   Hammondsport   Hampton   Hampton Bays   Hancock   Hankins   Hannacroix   Hannawa Falls   Hannibal   Harford   Harpersfield   Harpursville   Harriman   Harris   Harrison   Harrisville   Hartford   Hartsdale   Hartwick   Hastings   HastingsonHudson   Hauppauge   Haverstraw   Hawthorne   Heathcote   Hector   Helena   Hemlock   Hempstead   Henderson   Henderson Harbor   Henrietta   Hensonville   Herkimer   Hermon   Heuvelton   Hewlett   Hewlett Bay Park   Hicksville   High Falls   Highland   Highland Falls   Highland Lake   Highland Mills   Highmount   Hiler   Hillburn   Hillsdale   Hilton   Himrod   Hinckley   Hinsdale   Hobart   Hoffmeister   Hogansburg   Holbrook   Holcomb   Holland   Holland Patent   Holley   Hollis   Hollowville   Holmes   Holtsville   Homer   Honeoye   Honeoye Falls   Hoosick   Hoosick Falls   Hopewell   Hopewell Junction   Hornell   Horseheads   Hortonville   Houghton   Howard Beach   Howells   Howes Cave   Hubbardsville   Hudson   Hudson Falls   Hughsonville   Huguenot   Huletts Landing   Hume   Hunt   Hunter   Huntington   Huntington Bay   Huntington Station   Hurley   Hurleyville   Hyde Park   Ilion   Indian Lake   Industry   Inlet   Interlaken   Inwood   Ionia   Irondequoit   Irving   Irvington   Island Park   Islandia   Islip   Ithaca   Ithaca College   Jackson Heights   Jacksonville   Jamaica   Jamesport   Jamestown   Jamesville   Jasper   Java Center   Java Village   Jay   Jefferson  Jefferson Valley   Jeffersonville   Jericho   Jewett   Johnsburg   Johnson   Johnson City   Johnsonville   Johnstown  Jordan   Jordanville   Kanona   Katonah   Kattskill Bay   Kauneonga Lake   Keene   Keene Valley   Keeseville   Kendall   Kenmore   Kennedy   Kenoza Lake   Kent   Kerhonkson   Keuka Park   Kew Gardens   Kiamesha Lake  Kill Buck   Killawog   Kinderhook   King Ferry   Kings Park   Kings Point   Kingston  Kirkville   Kirkwood   Kismet  Knowlesville   Knox   Knoxboro   La Fargeville   Lackawanna   Lacona  LaFayette   LaGrangeville   Lake Clear   Lake George   Lake Grove   Lake Hill   Lake Huntington  Lake Katrine   Lake Luzerne   Lake Peekskill   Lake Placid   Lake Pleasant   Lake Ronkonkoma  Lake Success   Lake View   Lakemont   Lakeville   Lakewood   Lancaster   Lanesville   Lansing Township   Lansing Village   Larchmont   Latham   Laurel   Laurens   Lawrence   Lawrenceville  Lawtons   Le Roy   Lee Center   Leeds   Leicester   Leon   Leonardsville   Levittown   Lewis   Lewisboro   Lewiston   Lexington   Liberty   Lily Dale   Lima   Limerick   Limestone   Lincolndale   Lindenhurst   Lindley   Lisbon   Lisle   Little Falls   Little Genesee   Little Neck   Little Valley   Little York   Liverpool   Livingston   Livingston Manor   Livonia   Livonia Center   Loch Sheldrake   Locke   Lockport   Lockwood   Locust Valley   Lodi   Long Beach   Long Eddy   Long Island   Long Lake   Lorraine   Loudonville   Lowman   Lowville   Lycoming   Lynbrook   Lyndonville   Lyon Mountain   Lyons   Lyons Falls   Macedon   Machias   Madison   Madrid   Mahopac   Mahopac Falls   Maine   Malden Bridge   Malden On Hudson   Mallory   Malone   Malta   Malverne  Mamaroneck   Manchester   Manhasset   Manhattan   Manlius   Mannsville   Manorville   Maple Springs   Maple View   Maplecrest   Marathon   Marcellus   Marcy   Margaretville   Marietta   Marilla   Marion   Marlboro   Martinsburg   Martville   Maryknoll   Maryland   Masonville   Maspeth   Massapequa   Massapequa Park   Massawepie   Massena   Mastic   Mastic Beach   Mattituck   Mattydale   Maybrook   Mayfield   Mayville   Mc Connellsville   McDonough   McGraw   McKownville   McLean   Meacham   Mechanicville   Mecklenburg   Medford   Medina   Medusa   Mellenville   Melrose   Melville   Memphis   Menands   Mendon   Meridale   Meridian  Merrick   Mexico   Mid Hudson   Middle Falls   Middle Granville   Middle Grove   Middle Hope   Middle Island   Middle Village   Middleburgh   Middleport   Middlesex   Middletown   Middleville   Milford   Mill Neck   Millbrook   Miller Place   Millerton   Millport   Millwood   Milton   Mineola   Minerva   Minetto   Mineville   Minoa   Model City   Modena   Mohawk   Mohegan Lake   Mohonk Lake   Moira   Mongaup Valley   Monroe   Monsey   Montauk   Montezuma   Montgomery   Monticello   Montour Falls   Montrose   Mooers   Mooers Forks   Moravia   Moriah   Moriah Center   Moriches   Morris   Morrisonville   Morristown   Morrisville   Morton   Mottville   Mount Kisco   Mount Marion   Mount Morris   Mount Sinai   Mount Tremper   Mount Upton   Mount Vernon   Mount Vision   Mountain Dale   Mountainville   Mumford   Munnsville   Murray Isle   Nanuet   Napanoch   Naples   Narrowsburg   Nassau   Natural Bridge   Nedrow   Nelliston   Nesconset   Neversink   New Baltimore   New Berlin   New Castle   New City   New Hampton   New Hartford   New Haven   New Hyde Park   New Kingston   New Lebanon   New Lisbon   New Milford   New Paltz   New Rochelle   New Russia   New Suffolk   New Windsor   New Woodstock   New York   New York   Newark   Newark Valley   Newburgh   Newcomb   Newfane   Newfield   Newport   Newton Falls   Newtonville   Niagara Falls   Nichols   Nicholville   Nineveh   Niobe   Niskayuna   Niverville   Norfolk   North Amityville   North Babylon   North Bangor   North Bay   North Bay Shore   North Bellmore   North Blenheim   North Boston   North Branch   North Brookfield   North Castle   North Chatham   North Chili   North Clymer   North Collins   North Creek   North Evans   North Granville   North Greece   North Hempstead   North Hoosick   North Hudson   North Java   North Lawrence [Nassau County]   North Lawrence [Saint Lawrence County]   North Massapequa   North Merrick   North Norwich   North Pitcher   North Pole   North River   North Rose   North Salem   North Syracuse   North Tarrytown   North Tonawanda   North White Plains   North Woodmere  Northport   Northville   Norwich   Norwood   Nunda   Nyack   Oak Beach   Oak Hill   Oakdale   Oakfield   Oaks Corners   Obernburg   Ocean Beach   Oceanside   Odessa   Ogdensburg   Olcott   Old Bethpage   Old Brookville   Old Field   Old Forge   Old Westbury   Olean   Olive   Olivebridge   Oliverea   Olmstedville   Oneida   Oneonta   Onondaga   Ontario   Ontario Center   Orangetown   Orchard Park   Orient   Oriskany   Oriskany Falls   Orwell   Ossining   Oswegatchie   Oswego   Otego   Otisville   Otto   Ouaquaga   Ovid   Owego   Owls Head   Oxbow   Oxford   Oyster Bay   Ozone Park   Painted Post   Palatine Bridge   Palenville   Palisades   Palmyra   Panama   Panorama   Paradox   Parish   Parishville   Parksville   Patchogue   Patterson   Pattersonville   Paul Smiths   Pavilion   Pawling   Pearl River   Peconic   Peekskill   Pelham   Pelham Manor   Penfield   Penn Yan   Pennellville   Perinton   Perkinsville   Perry   Perrysburg   Peru   Peterboro   Petersburg   Phelps   Philadelphia   Phillipsport   Philmont   Phoenicia   Phoenix   Piercefield   Piermont   Pierrepont Manor   Piffard   Pike   Pine Bush   Pine City   Pine Hill   Pine Island   Pine Plains   Pine Valley   Piseco   Pitcher   Pittsford   Plainview   Plainville   Plandome   Plattekill   Plattsburgh   Pleasant Valley   Pleasantville   Plessis   Plymouth   Pocantico Hills   Poestenkill   Point Lookout   Poland   Pomona   Pompey   Pond Eddy   Poplar Ridge   Port Byron   Port Chester   Port Crane   Port Ewen   Port Gibson   Port Henry   Port Jefferson   Port Jervis   Port Kent   Port Leyden   Port Washington   Portageville   Porter Corners   Portland   Portlandville   Portville   Potsdam   Pottersville   Poughkeepsie   Poughquag   Pound Ridge   Prattsburgh   Prattsville   Preble   Preston Hollow   Princetown   Prospect   Pulaski   Pulteney   Pultneyville   Purchase   Purdys   Purling   Putnam Station   Putnam Valley   Pyrites   Quaker Street   Queens   Queensbury   Quogue   Rainbow Lake   Randolph   Ransomville   Raquette Lake   Ravena   Ray Brook   Raymondville   Reading Center   Red Creek   Red Hook   Redfield   Redford   Redwood   Rego Park   Remsen   Remsenburg   Rensselaer   Rensselaer Falls   Rensselaerville   Retsof   Rexford   Rexville   Rhinebeck   Rhinecliff   Richburg   Richfield Springs   Richford   Richland   Richmond Hill   Richmondville   Richville   Ridge   Ridgemont   Ridgewood   Rifton   Riparius   Ripley   Riverdale   Riverhead   Rochester   Rock City Falls   Rock Hill   Rock Stream   Rock Tavern   Rockaway Park   Rockville Centre   Rocky Point   Rodman   Roessleville   Rome   Romulus   Ronkonkoma   Roosevelt   Rooseveltown   Roscoe   Rose   Roseboom   Rosedale   Rosendale   Roslyn   Roslyn Heights   Rossburg   Rotterdam Junction   Round Lake   Round Top   Rouses Point   Roxbury   Ruby   Rush   Rushford   Rushville   Russell   Rye   Rye Brook   Sabael   Sackets Harbor   Sag Harbor   Sagaponack   Saint Albans   Saint Bonaventure   Saint James   Saint Johnsville   Saint Regis Falls   Salamanca   Salem   Salina   Salisbury Center   Salisbury Mills   Salt Point   Saltaire   Samsonville   Sanborn   Sand Lake   Sandy Creek   Sangerfield   Saranac   Saranac Lake   Saratoga Springs   Sardinia   Saugerties   Sauquoit   Savannah   Savona   Sawkill   Sayville   Scarborough   Scarsdale   Schaghticoke   Schenectady   Schenevus   Schodack Landing   Schoharie   Schroon Lake   Schuyler Falls   Schuyler Lake   Schuylerville   Scio   Scipio Center   Scotchtown   Scotia   Scottsburg   Scottsville   Sea Cliff   Seaford   Selden   Selkirk   Seneca Castle   Seneca Falls   Sennett   Setauket   Severance   Shandaken   Sharon Springs   Shelter Island   Shelter Island Heights   Shenorock   Sherburne   Sheridan   Sherman   Sherrill   Shinhopple   Shirley   Shokan   Shoreham   Shortsville   Shrub Oak   Shushan   Sidney   Sidney Center   Siena   Silver Bay   Silver Creek    Silver Lake   Silver Springs   Sinclairville   Skaneateles   Skaneateles Falls   Slate Hill   Slaterville Springs   Sleep Hollow   Slingerlands   Sloansville   Sloatsburg   Smallwood   Smithboro   Smithtown   Smithville Flats   Smyrna   Snyder Square   Sodus   Sodus Point   Solsville   Solvay   Somers   Sonyea   Sound Beach   South Bethlehem   South Butler   South Byron   South Cairo   South Colton   South Dayton   South Fallsburg   South Farmingdale   South Glens Falls   South Jamesport   South Kortright   South Lima   South New Berlin   South Otselic   South Plymouth   South Rutland   South Salem   South Schodack   South Wales   Southampton   Southeast   Southfields   Southold   Sparkill   Sparrow Bush   Speculator   Spencer   Spencerport   Spencertown   Speonk   Sprakers   Spring Brook   Spring Glen   Spring Valley    Springfield Center   Springville   Springwater   Staatsburg   Stafford   Stamford   Stanfordville   Stanley   Star Lake   Staten Island   Steamburg   Stella Niagara   Stephentown   Sterling   Sterling Forest   Stillwater   Stittville   Stockton   Stone Ridge   Stony Brook   Stony Creek   Stony Point   Stormville   Stottville   Stow   Stratford   Strykersville   Stuyvesant   Stuyvesant Falls   Suffern   Sugar Loaf   Summit   Summitville   Sundown   Surprise   Swain   Swan Lake   Sylvan Beach   Syosset   Syracuse   Taberg   Taconic Lake   Tahawus   Tallman   Tannersville   Tappan   Tarrytown   Thendara   Theresa   Thiells   Thompson Ridge   Thompsonville   Thornwood   Thousand Island Park   Three Mile Bay   Ticonderoga   Tillson   Tioga Center   Tivoli   Tomkins Cove   Tonawanda City   Tonawanda Town   Tottenville   Treadwell   Tribes Hill   Troupsburg   Trout Creek   Troy   Trumansburg   Truxton   Tuckahoe   Tully   Tunnel   Tupper Lake   Turin   Tuxedo   Tyrone   Ulster Park   Ulysses   Unadilla   Union   Union Hill   Union Springs   Uniondale   Unionville   Upper Jay   Upper Saint Regis   Upton   Usmma   Utica   Vails Gate   Valatie   Valhalla   Valley Cottage   Valley Falls   Valley Stream   Valois   Van Buren Point   Van Etten   Van Hornesville   Varysburg   Verbank   Vermontville   Vernon   Vernon Center   Verona   Verona Beach   Verplanck   Versailles   Vestal   Victor   Victory Mills   Vista   Voorheesville   Waccabuc   Waddington   Wading River   Wainscott   Walden   Wales Center   Walker Valley   Wallace   Wallkill   Walton   Walworth   Wampsville   Wanakena   Wantagh   Wappinger   Wappingers Falls   Warners   Warnerville   Warrensburg   Warsaw   Warwick   Washington Mills   Washingtonville   Wassaic   Water Mill   Waterford   Waterloo   Waterport   Watertown   Waterville   Watervliet Arsenal   Watkins Glen   Waverly   Wawarsing   Wayland   Wayne   Webster   Webster Crossing   Weedsport   Wellesley Island   Wells   Wells Bridge   Wellsburg   Wellsville   West Babylon   West Bloomfield   West Brentwood   West Burlington   West Camp   West Chazy   West Clarksville   West Copake   West Coxsackie   West Davenport   West Eaton   West Edmeston   West Falls   West Fulton   West Harrison   West Haverstraw   West Hempstead   West Henrietta   West Hurley   West Islip   West Kill   West Lebanon   West Leyden   West Monroe   West Nyack   West Oneonta   West Park   West Point USMA   West Sand Lake   West Sayville   West Seneca   West Shokan   West Stockholm   West Valley   West Winfield   Westbrookville   Westbury   Westchester   Westdale   Westerlo   Westernville   Westfield   Westford   Westgate   Westhampton   Westhampton Beach   Westmoreland   Westons Mills   Westport   Westtown   Wevertown   Wheatland   Whippleville   White Creek   White Lake   White Plains   White Sulphur Springs   Whitehall   Whitesboro   Whitestone   Whitesville   Whitney Point   Willard   Willet   Williamson   Williamstown   Williamsville   Williston Park   Willow   Willsboro   Willseyville   Wilmington   Wilson   Wilton   Windham   Windsor   Wingdale   Winthrop   Wolcott   Woodbourne   Woodbury   Woodgate   Woodhaven   Woodhull   Woodmere   Woodridge   Woodside   Woodstock   Worcester   Wurtsboro   Wyandanch   Wynantskill   Wyoming   Yaphank   Yonkers   York   Yorkshire   Yorktown   Yorktown Heights   Yorkville   Youngstown   Youngsville   Yulan


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